Publications by our Lecturers

Title of Article Author  Find the Publishd Article at Date
Let Your Child Play Sylvia Foo DAS Blog: Parenting Tips and Techniques 2018
What Starwars taught me about success and failure Sylvia Foo FACETS Vol 4 2017
DAS Academy Graduation 2017 Sylvia Foo FACETS Vol 3 2017
Collective efforts important for education of special needs child June Siew The Straits Times Forum Mar 2017
Doodling Matters Sylvia Foo FACETS Vol 2 2017
Up to parents to secure best future for special needs kids June Siew The Straits Times Feb 2017
Success of the DAS Academy June Siew DAS Hadbook 2016 (pp. 381 - 390)


Inhibitory control and literacy outcomes in preschoolers with and without risk of reading difficulty.

June Siew DAS Handbook (pp. 325 - 323) 2015
Educational therapy in Singapore: Towards professionalisation and professionalism. June Siew Asia Pacific Journal of Developmental Differences, 2(1), 55-62 2015