Full Time Lecturers

Dr June Siew

Head of DAS Academy - RETA Fellow

Date of Appointment: 7 January 2015

Dr June Siew provides thought leadership in the field of special educational needs (SEN), focusing on dyslexia. She holds a grounded perspective of SEN, developed through her extensive experiences with students and their community of support. She is a pioneer in advocating inclusive practices in schools and has been training SEN Officers since they were […]

Dr Priscillia Shen

Assistant Head of DAS Academy

Dr Priscillia Shen began her special education journey as an Educational Therapist at DAS and has more than 10 years of experience in the field of special educational needs, especially in dyslexia. Her previous experience working closely with SpLD learners has allowed her to take on a constructive and practical pedagogical approach. She believes in […]