The Caregivers Training Grant is a $200 annual subsidy provided for the caregivers of each eligible care recipient to attend approved training courses to better care for their loved ones. Participants must make a co-payment of $10 during registration. Most workshops, except the Educator Series have been approved for Caregivers Training Grant until 31 March 2022, download the CTG form here. To check on the availability of CTG, click on the Workshop.

Workshop Title fee Duration
Clever but Cluttered: Developing Your Child's Executive Function Public: $110.00 (3 hours) 21 Aug
Developing Your Child's Comprehension Skills Public: $110.00 (3 hours) 28 Aug
Supporting Your Child in Math Problem-Solving Using Heuristics Public: $110.00 (3 hours) 4 Sep
Supporting Your Child English Examination Skills Public: $110.00 (3 hours) 18 Sep
Using Assistive Technology to Support Children with Learning Differences Public: $110.00 (3 hours) 25 Sep
Pre-Literacy Without Tears Public: $110.00 (3 hours) 9 Oct
Building Your Child's Pre-requisite Skills for Learning Maths Public: $110.00 (3 hours) 23 Oct
Be Your Child’s Social Skills Coach Public: $110.00 (3 hours) 13 Nov
Para-Counselling: Supporting Young People with Emotional Needs Public: $110.00 (3 hours) 27 Nov
Educator Series: Maths Problem-Solving Using Heuristics for Upper Primary Students Public: $110.00 (3 hours) 1 Sep
Educator Series: Improving Behaviour for Learning Public: $110.00 (3 hours) 6 Oct
Educator Series: Clever but Cluttered: Developing A Child’s Executive Function Public: $110.00 (3 hours) 3 Nov