5 Secrets to Help Bilingual Children Learn Chinese

Is your child reluctant or frustrated when it comes to learning Chinese? Some possible reasons to why children dislike or have negative attitude toward learning language are Chinese being a difficult language to learn and bad learning experience. Not all children hate learning Chinese. Your child’s Chinese learning journey need not involve tears all the time. Join this webinar to find out the secrets to help children find joy and satisfaction in learning Chinese!

Trouble with Writing: How to Help?

Dyslexia is often seen as a barrier to writing. We often hear “Children with dyslexia should never be a writer or have anything to do with writing”. At the DAS Academy, we like to believe that as long as one has the tricks and technologies to make the act of writing easier, writing does not have to be a chore for those with dyslexia!

Trouble with Math: How to Help?

It is not uncommon for children with dyslexia to also have difficulties with Mathematics. Learn how to support the learning of Maths in a more structured and multi-sensory manner.

Four Core Skills to Improve Reading

Join this webinar to find out core cognitive skills that develop the reading ability and how to build these skills to improve reading for our children.