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Caregivers Training Grant (CTG)

Caregivers Training Grant (CTG)

The Caregivers Training Grant is a $200 annual subsidy that lets caregivers attend approved courses to better care for their loved ones. The $200 subsidy is provided for each care recipient every financial year (from April to March of the following year). If multiple caregivers of the same care recipient wish to attend training, the $200 would need to be shared among the family members.

Amount of Grant: $200 per Care Recipient

*The $200 grant can be utilised:

1)   To attend any of the CTG Approved Training Courses over the financial year at any VWO.

2)   By different caregivers of the same care recipient.

Validity:  1  April – 31  March the following year

Payment Required by Caregiver: Co-payment of $10 (subject to the balance of CTG)

Caregivers Training Grant is applicable to the following Workshops:

  • Phonics for Reading
  • Coping with Spelling
  • Developing Your Child’s Comprehension Skills
  • Supporting your Child in Chinese
  • Going Beyond Dyslexia: Understanding ADHD and attention issues
  • Clever but Cluttered: Developing Your Child’s Executive Function
  • Supporting Your Child in Mathematics
  • Supporting Your Child in Math Problem-Solving Using Heuristics
  • Developing Your Child’s Self-Monitoring Skills
  • Developing Writing in Students with Specific Learning Differences
  • Talk for Success: Improving Confidence, Competence in Oracy Skills
  • Be Your Child’s Social Skills Coach

Caregivers may download the Caregivers Training Grant application here

The Caregivers Training Grant is provided by the Agency for Integrated Care (AIC)