Student Support

Student Support



Successfully enrolled students will be required to attend an Induction Session before the start of their tertiary and postgraduate programmes. In addition to familiarising them with course requirements and student expectations, this session will also provide opportunities for students to meet fellow course mates and build support groups.

Student Feedback

If you have ideas to improve your student experience, we want to hear from you. Please email to tell us about it.

Diverse Learner Policy

The DAS Academy embraces diversity in students, including learning diversities. We recognise that some students learn differently from others and might require additional support. We aim to level the playing field through the provision of reasonable accommodations.

Over the years, DAS Academy has nurtured our students and encouraged them to make the most of themselves and the opportunities they have been granted. We recognize that every student at DAS Academy is unique, each with their own talents regardless of background. We also recognize that our students’ learning needs may vary, and these differences may be due to, but are not limited to a learning difficulty. The DAS Academy is therefore committed to fulfilling the diverse learning capabilities of all students. We aim to address the needs of students who may require additional learning and assessment support. This has led to the initiation of the Diverse Learner Policy. Plans are underway to launch this by the end of 2021.

A draft document of the Diverse Learner Policy is attached here. We would like to seek your feedback on how we can improve the draft document. Your feedback will certainly be helpful for us to finalize the Diverse Learner Policy before its official launch. You can provide your feedback via email to

You can view the Diverse Learner Policy here.

If you are taking a certificate, diploma or master level course, and would like support for your disability or special educational need, you are encouraged to disclose this through this form. Please be assured that the information revealed will be regarded as private and confidential. Upon receiving your disclosure, we will contact you to discuss your specific needs and the support options available.

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