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Faculty and Staff

Faculty and Staff

Gene Tan

Academic Services Staff

October 2023

Gene is an Admin Service Assistant with the DAS Academy. As a former MOE educator, she is committed to fostering a nurturing and inclusive educational environment for a diverse student population. Her deep empathy for those with special educational needs / specific learning differences and extensive understanding of the mainstream education landscape drive her to provide steadfast and comprehensive […]

Dr June Siew

Head of DAS Academy - RETA Fellow

Date of Appointment: 7 January 2015

Dr June Siew provides thought leadership in the field of special educational needs (SEN), focusing on dyslexia. She holds a grounded perspective of SEN, developed through her extensive experiences with students and their community of support. She is a pioneer in advocating inclusive practices in schools and has been training SEN Officers since they were […]

Dr Priscillia Shen

Assistant Head of DAS Academy

Dr Priscillia Shen began her special education journey as an Educational Therapist at DAS since 2005. Her previous experience working closely with struggling learners has allowed her to take on a constructive and practical pedagogical approach in her teaching practice. She believes in keeping up with current research and developments in the field to continually […]

Deon Poh

Administrative Manager

October, 2023

Deon is the Administrative Manager with the DAS Academy, where he looks after the day-to-day functions, marketing and operations of the department. In addition to his decade-long administrative and managerial experiences, Deon is also an experienced educational therapist. He was a former Allied Educator in the MOE schools and a paraeducator in international schools where […]

Rebecca Shalinah

Assistant Director (DAS International) & Educational Advisor (DAS)

Rebecca has been with the Dyslexia Association of Singapore (DAS) since 2014. She is an Adjunct Lecturer with DAS Academy where she hopes to share her experiences and insights with educators and parents. She believes that every child has potential regardless of their difficulties and she hopes to provide a safe learning environment for her […]

Siti Asjamiah Asmuri

Associate Lecturer and Lead Educational Therapist - RETA Fellow

Siti Asjamiah has been providing English literacy support to learners with dyslexia and specific learning differences (SpLDs) since 2012.   Apart from supporting students, she has also been conducting workshops and courses catering to parents, educators and members of the public wishing to know more about specific learning differences and how to support such learners […]

Melcher Tan

Senior Educational Therapist - RETA Member

Melcher is an Educational Therapist for the Main Literacy Programme and is involved in the design of the curriculum. He graduated with an honour’s degree in English Language from National University of Singapore, and is keenly interested in the power of language, and its development in young learners. As Ludwig Wittgenstein said, a person’s understanding […]

Nur Alia Bte Salim

Senior Educational Therapist and Curriculum Developer - RETA Fellow

Nur Alia teaches students with Dyslexia in both the Main Literacy Programme (MLP) and the Essential Maths Programme. Other than her passion for teaching students with learning difficulties, Nur Alia’s interest also lies in curriculum development. She is in the English Language and Literacy Department (ELL)’s Curriculum Team. As a Curriculum Developer, she is part […]

Tammy Wong

Speech & Language Therapist

Tammy is a Speech and Language Therapist who joined the DAS in January 2018. Her primary scope of work involves conducting assessment and individual or group therapy for children with speech, language and communication needs. She is also involved in presenting at workshops for special education and mainstream school teachers, parents and caregivers. Since joining […]

Juzailah Amin

Senior Educational Therapist & Curriculum Developer - RETA Associate Fellow

Juzailah Amin joined DAS in 2012 and is a Senior Educational Therapist. She was a former Allied Educator (Behavioural and Learning Support) and has been teaching students with special educational needs for 10 years. She holds a Post Graduate Certificate in Special Educational Needs with the University of South Wales. She also has a Certificate in Dyscalculia & Numeracy […]

Sha Lan

Consultant for Chinese Programme

Sha Lan has 5 years of experience in providing Chinese and English intervention for children with dyslexia. Previously a Senior Educational Therapist at DAS, her role with the Chinese team includes curriculum development, research and teacher mentoring. Sha Lan holds a Master of Arts in Chinese Linguistics and Language Acquisition (Distinction) and a Postgraduate Certificate […]

Cailyn Kwan

Senior Educational Therapist - RETA Associate Fellow

Cailyn has more than four years of experience in providing Chinese language intervention for learners with dyslexia. Besides teaching, her scope of work includes research in the area of learning difficulties in Chinese, profiling, curriculum development and teacher mentoring. She is a Member with the Register of Educational Therapists (Asia). Her educational qualifications include an […]

Dr Matthew Hutt

Head of Professional Learning, University of South Wales

Dr Matthew Hutt has over 20 years of experience as a teacher and senior leader in secondary schools and colleges in Wales and England. He is currently Head of Professional Learning at USW, overseeing Level 7 courses in Leadership and Management, Child and Adolescent Mental Health, SEN/ALN and Autism, and and he has worked at […]

Dr Tan Ah Hong

Consultant, Chinese Programme

Dr Tan was a secondary school Chinese Language teacher for more than ten years before being posted to the Curriculum Development Institute of Singapore (CDIS) to design and develop curriculum. From 1996 to 1999, she was a Senior Head in the Educational Technology Division (ETD). In 2000, she was appointed as Head of Department, Mother […]

Dr Sharon Anne Drew

Senior Lecturer

Dr Sharon Drew has over 25 years of experience of working with children, young people and adults with Special Educational Needs. As a senior lecturer within the University of South Wales, she co-teaches on the MA SEN/ALN and Postgraduate Certificate in Specific Learning Difficulties. She is also the module leader for International Perspectives on Early […]