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Feedback on Certificate Courses

Hear what our students say about our certificate courses

Irene Tan, Parent on Bursary
Participant in Workshops and Certificate Courses (October 2020)


“I have two children; 9 and 11 years old, both with dyslexia and are DAS bursary students. I would like to thank you for your Bursary Parents’ Fund. It has been my answer for my “chicken or egg” situation. In 2018, I wanted to help in our family’s financial situation* and tried to find a job in kindergartens as I love to work among kids. However, due to not having any formal Early Childhood Education training (even though I am a Masters graduate), I could not find work there. At the same time, when I wanted to get trained, I could not. I did not have funds for it and the available Sponsored Training Programmes in early childhood education would not allow me to play my role as a supporter to my dyslexic children in their learning journey. DAS Bursary Parents’ Fund saved the day.

Within 3 years, 2018-till date, because of the DAS Bursary Parents’ Fund and the tenth anniversary of DAS, I was able to take 5 courses with just SGD50! I felt so blessed to be equipped by well-balanced (theories and practical skills) modules and lecturers who are experts in the field. Due to these, I have gained more credibility in my role as an advocate for my children. Once, when I was sharing with my kid’s teacher about the challenges faced by my kid, she responded with curiosity on why we labelled our kid as dyslexic and tried to find excuses for his challenges. However, when I backed my statements with published articles and learnings from my Modules, the school officials listened more openly.

The Bursary Parents’ Fund has also been a great support in understanding my children. As a parent, I wish to be an expert on my children. The modules that I have taken with DAS Academy have allowed me to gain a better understanding of them-their strengths and challenges ( i.e. learning differences). They also allowed me to pick up some coping skills, i.e exam skills, spelling, math, in order to help my children go through the Singapore Education System successfully. This is especially vital for those who believe that our children’s education and learning is ultimately our responsibility. The modules have given me a safe space for me to share issues and get advice from other participants and lecturers from their journey with SpLD Learners.

Lastly, the DAS Bursary Parents’ Fund allows me to dream. While I take courses to support my children, I see that, actually, I could also prepare for my future. I could get myself ready with a Specialist Diploma in Learning Support for Specific Learning Differences. This would fulfill my wish to work with kids and to use my training beyond my home. I hope I could be an Allied Educator or Teacher Assistant in schools. In five more years my youngest would be in Secondary Three, my support for them would be less time-demanding. Words are not enough to say how grateful our family is to DAS for your support. Sincerely yours, Irene Tan *supporting two dyslexic children, i.e. remedial classes, can be a challenge to our family (my husband’s income is not low enough to qualify for FAS, but not high enough not to feel the pinch).

“The topics of OG approach, phonological/phonemic awareness, syllabification, informal assessment, lesson planning and execution and reading fluency were especially useful. The course provided me with great insight into how DAS conducts the lessons with the OG approach. I am now able to revise and support my daughter from home so that the lessons are further reinforced. I wasn’t aware of how I could support my child other than reading appropriate storybooks and ensuring that she’s emotionally sound but after attending this course, I am able to do so and it will be executed in the same way as to how DAS conducts the intervention lessons. This helps as the teaching approach will not further confuse the child.”

Christina Euw, Parent
Participant of Certificate in Dyslexia and Literacy Teaching (November 2017)


“Better understanding in the language (and) how to use them properly, especially with the learners.”

Lennie Tan, Housewife
Participant of Certificate in Supporting SpLD Learners in Advanced Literacy


“It gives parents the confidence and knowledge to better support their child outside of DAS classes/school. A better understanding of how a typical DAS class is being conducted. How OG principles are being applied in every class/lesson planning.”

Lei Ziman, Parent
Participant of Certificate in Dyslexia and Literacy Teaching (November 2017)


“It is very helpful and gives students an overview of the topic. My ability to identify a child with Speech and Language difficulty and when to be concerned enough to refer the family to a Speech and Language Therapist has improved. Topics that were especially useful to me: Strategies to help children with either language or speech disorder or both.”

Frances De Souza, Voluntary Welfare Organisation Staff
Participant of Certificate in Understanding Speech & Language Impairment (October 2017)


“Where to find help for speech difficulty and strategies to cope with language delay were especially useful to me. I will recommend the course because there are more cases of children with this difficulty/impairment.”

Syaheedah, Student
Participant of Certificate in Understanding Speech & Language Impairment (October 2017)