Feedback on Workshops

Hear what our attendees say about our workshops


Supporting Your Child in Chinese

“New ways of teaching chinese characters that I was not aware of… useful apps for kids to enhance the learning experience.”

“Knowing to break up into sides and sounds and applying back into teaching my child.”

Managing a Child with Social, Emotional and Behavioural Needs (Former Parenting a Child with SpLD)

“It is an eye opener, especially to people who do not know about the emotions, behaviour and difficulties these kids are facing. A better understanding towards these kids and ways to help and support them”

“It’s a very good summary of positive parenting strategies for dyslexic children and participants get to clarify doubts and get specific advice immediately. It would have taken me much longer to research and read up on all the topics that the lecturer touched on in the three hours.”

Study Smart: Effective Study Skills for Your Child

“The workshop has helped me to consider strategies to help students with challenges”

“The knowledge learnt was valuable for my professional development and I would recommend fellow AEDs to equip themselves with the same skills to better support students under their care and as well sharing of the knowledge to the parents of the respective students.”



Supporting Your Child in Chinese

“The technique of teaching the child is practical and easy. There isn’t any workshop on Chinese learning. This course helps parents to understand the Chinese character structure and the techniques to support the child.”

“The course has been very helpful, good balance of background and practical tips.”

Understanding Phonics instructions

“The topics were useful in developing Alphabet knowledge, activities are good for parents to help the child at home. It is targeted at Dyslexic learning method in which we parents can learn and apply.”

“It teaches the effective strategies of teaching individuals the learning method of phonics.”

Coping with Spelling

“Parent/caregiver will benefit from the course and be able to coach the child the correct way.”

“It strengthens and broadens my understanding I had of phonics instruction.”



DAS Academy Workshops are filled with practical strategies and tips for adults supporting children with specific learning differences. Here are some feedback from our past participants from the 2015 runs of our workshops:

Developing your child’s vocabulary

“Strategies shared were easy to prepare and execute. A very interactive session.”

“Very informative and relevant to real life issue and clearer understanding of vocabulary.”

Understanding Screening Tools for Dyslexia

“Beneficial to educators who need to administer the test as educators would be an effective idea of how to assess dyslexic and risk kids.”

“Informative and useful knowledge, involved more hands-on practical approach.”

Developing Comprehension Skills

“It is very useful and I have learnt some teaching strategies for Reading Comprehension. Good sharing of practical strategies and resources.”