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Gaining the Dyslexic Advantage through a Growth Mindset


Date: February 15, 2023
Duration: 1 hour

Dyslexia seems to run in entrepreneurs. Other than possessing entrepreneurial skills, you may also have heard about dyslexia being associated with creativity, superior visuospatial abilities and big-picture thinking. Do you think these dyslexic strengths are natural abilities or have they been developed? If you think dyslexia and these strengths come in a package, then you probably have a fixed mindset of dyslexia. If you think these strengths have been developed, then you have a growth mindset of dyslexia.

Join us in the DAS Academy Webinar Wednesdays to learn why a growth mindset of dyslexia is so important. Together, we will examine how parents and educators can encourage the growth mindset of dyslexia in students, the mindset that allows them to gain the dyslexic advantage.

Webinar Wednesday 2: Gaining the Dyslexic Advantage through a Growth Mindset

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