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Gene Tan

Academic Services Staff

October 2023

Gene is an Admin Service Assistant with the DAS Academy. As a former MOE educator, she is committed to fostering a nurturing and inclusive educational environment for a diverse student population. Her deep empathy for those with special educational needs / specific learning differences and extensive understanding of the mainstream education landscape drive her to provide steadfast and comprehensive […]

Deon Poh

Administrative Manager

October, 2023

Deon is the Administrative Manager with the DAS Academy, where he looks after the day-to-day functions, marketing and operations of the department. In addition to his decade-long administrative and managerial experiences, Deon is also an experienced educational therapist. He was a former Allied Educator in the MOE schools and a paraeducator in international schools where […]

Chua Shwu Boon

Academic Services Staff

October 2023

Shwu Boon is an Admin Service Assistant with the DAS Academy. Friendly and approachable, she is a dedicated advocate for resolving customer issues promptly and effectively. With her strong background in customer service, she always strives to convey information clearly, concisely and with a touch of empathy to parents and educators who approach the DAS […]