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Ready, Get set, Go! – Simple parenting tips for the holidays


Most parents will have this big question in their mind around this time of the year; What can my child/children do during the long break? Why don’t you get started by doing simple things with your children which will have a great impact on their learning?

  1. Get your children started on a habit

    What is one habit that you wish your children had? You may have more than one in your mind. List them down and pick one which has the greatest priority. This holiday, try to create a routine to develop that habit. It could be to wake up early, to have timely meals or to have a better-managed study and playtime. You could set reminders, create a timetable or even use apps that help you to monitor progress. Whichever you are using, remember to be consistent, be patient and not give up until your children do the task without having to be reminded.

  2. Get Healthy with your children

    Exercise helps everyone in several ways. For kids, it helps to improve attention and memory which leads to better academic performance. It also increases mental health and therefore reduces the risk of depression. Though exercise may seem like a tiresome and boring thing to do, you can get healthy in a fun way. Plan fun physical activities to do together with your children. To motivate them, find out what they have a great interest in and integrate that into the activity. For instance, dancing, badminton, amazing race, Zumba or even playing tug of war at the beach. Most importantly, have fun and enjoy the moment!

  3. Get involved in your children’s life

    Parental involvement is the most important aspect of a child’s life. This is the best time to bond with your children. Little things make a huge difference. Making breakfast together, going for family walks, playing board games together as a family or even doing chores together. Use that opportunity to make the connection with your children. Let them be heard and be there to listen to them.


Remember, you are just one little step away from making a huge difference in your children’s life through these simple tips! Have a fantastic holiday everyone!


Written by Rebecca Shalinah, Associate Lecturer